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ExerciseBenefits of Exercise for Women

Mention a "fountain of youth" and most women will want to know where to find it, yet not everyone realizes that exercise is one of the best ways to promote a youthful appearance, as well as improve our overall health. Why is it so important for women to exercise? Let me count only a few of the many ways. Exercise can:

~Improve circulation, which brings more blood to the brain, glands and muscles. Blood contains oxygen and all the nutrients we need to survive. It's how our body feeds itself and eliminates toxins and poisons.

~Increase the estrogen level in our bodies.

~Raise the good cholesterol (HDL) level.

~Force deep breathing, which brings more oxygen into the system for relaxation.

~Burn off the adrenaline produced by stress.

~Produce endorphins which have a natural mood- elevating effect ("runner's high"), which helps fight depression and fatigue — a common sign of menopause.

~Burn calories.

~Stimulate metabolism.

~Release muscle tension.

~Build muscle and bone mass which helps prevent against osteoporosis and broken bones.

~Increase energy.

~Tone muscles.

~Improve elasticity of the muscles (including the heart).

~Improve skin tone.

~Improve control of the bladder, thus reducing the chance of incontinence.

~Improve enjoyment of sex.

~Reduce lower back pain and joint pain.

~Aid in digestion.

~Make us stronger and less apt to fall.

~Reduce the signs of aging.

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